What really is the Christian meaning of Stewardship? Why should we discipline ourselves in stewardship responsibilities? What does Stewardship have to do with our being a good Christian? With being a good leader?

1 Corinthians 4:1 emphasizes that “We are servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.” This profound statement leads us to reflect on everything that God has given us, both the things that we understand and the things that we don’t understand but believe in and accept from God as blessings. Thus, we are stewards of everything that God has blessed us with and put into our lives to strengthen us, to build our faith, to teach us patience, to bring us closer to Him.

Therefore, as Christian stewards we are tasked to take care of what God has given us in such a way as to nourish and strengthen it, so that we will be able to return it to God in better condition than we received it, at any time that He wants it returned.

The BCBP’s Steward Leadership Training Course (SLT) is a 3-day course/workshop in Transformational Christian Leadership, originated for the BCBP by Fr. Herb Schneider and is given by trained, accredited facilitators. This ppt presentation serves as an overview of the concept of stewardship. It also gives some guidelines in helping us become better stewards in the three important stewardship areas in our lives: self, our relationships with others, the environment we live in.

For further details about the SLT, you may contact the BCBP National Office.


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