by BCBP Editor

This poem below has a beautiful message behind it – we all should appreciate the beauty of this world, especially in the small things. 🙂
flower in wall

With human minds we emotionally bind ourselves to things we cannot see.
Hopelessly setting a course that will deprive us of the strings of peace that were given to you and me.

We often pass up rainbows, a spring shower, a sunset, or even just a smile.
Yet in the name of prosperity and growth we’ll go the extra mile.

God gave us the ability to experience the delicate sides of this earth.
But often we don’t allow ourselves to fully appreciate what it’s worth.

Have you ever whistled with a songbird, been touched by a breeze, or smelt the seasons in the air?
Or did you just consider them daily problems and not ever really care?

Have you ever had a falling leaf placed gently at your feet?
Carried by a loving wind just for you to meet.

Did you let it say good morning friend, or kick it to the side?
Thinking that you’re late for work or you’ll never catch your ride.

During a crowded traffic jam have you ever looked up high?
To see how God directs the clouds as they go flying through the sky.

What was your thought today as you tumbled out of bed?
“Thank you Lord for this day” or “Man do I feel dead”.

You see it’s up to us to find these things as we’re traveling down life’s road.
Because God sends these gifts to cross our paths and relieve our heavy load.

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