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termites in wood
These symptoms of Anay* in the Tree of Faith (your personal faith, the BCBP community, parish, etc.) are based on talks of Pope Francis at World Youth Day in Rio de Jainero, Brazil and were discussed during a parish recollection at Lay Formation Center, San Carlos Seminary, Makati.

1. When liturgical services (or BCBP activities, assemblies, AGMs) become a venue for criticism instead of holiness.
a. Chizmizology, Intriguology

2. When noise attracts you more than silence.
a. Silence is the longing of the soul to listen to God
b. You want to be active in service more than spending time in adoration and listening to Jesus (Mary and Martha)

3. When ambition attracts you more than mission.
a. You crave recognition for your efforts instead of doing things because you love God

4. When the words of celebrities excite you more than the Words of Christ.
a. TV programs, other activities of the world take precedence and are preferred over BCBP activities, or your prayer time

5. When the Story of the Cross does not disturb you/us anymore.
a. We take for granted the liturgy and the priest’s homily, the sacraments, bible studies, formation talks, BCBP recollections, and similar faith-building activities
termites in tree
*Anay: termites, small insects that attack a structure without warning and destroy the inner contents of the wood, leaving only a shell that is easily damaged or completely destroyed by a storm or strong wind

Discussion Starters:

• Identify and discuss which of these symptoms exist in your personal faith life. In the BCBP community where you belong.
• Now that you are aware of the “anay”, what will you do about them?

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