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trust LTRUST
By Anselmo B. Mercado, BCBP CDO West
January 11, 2015

My thoughts on marriage —
a complex voyage.
The keyword is “Trust”
that unlocks its wonders.

It is a five-letter word —
T-R-U-S-T when spelled.
“T” means be TRUE to oneself,
to each other, and in life.

“R” – be a good ROLE-MODEL
to our family and all.

in a sense empathizing,
It’s said — “Seek first to understand,
to be understood” — is second.

Be ready to SERVE, and giving.

The last is “T”, but not the least,
at par, but yes, may be the most —
TRUST IN GOD, our good most kind Lord.
Pray to Him, He’ll give us His Word,

and the Holy Spirit our guide,
who will never fail to provide.

May TRUST flow freely,
in our family,
like gentle fresh air.
This is my prayer.

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