by BCBP Editor

Edith Neri-Fabella Pelaez bong pelaez mom pix
(3/15/15 – 7/6/14)

Thank you dear God for Mama.. She lived 99 years! She raised me to be the person I am now…64 years old and appreciative of her virtues of patience…thoughtfulness..and generosity.

The small line or dash in between her date of birth and date of death (mentioned in the homily of Fr. Dennis Pais last Monday 7/7/14) makes me recall my loving memories of my mother’s Patience…thoughtfulness.. and generosity.

Patience …memorizing over and over the grade one multiplication table inside the car until we reach the destination. No wonder I am not dependent on the use of the calculator.

Thoughtfulness… Mama always brought goodies every time she visited us in CDO…. Champoy, maho, hopia… small items but they came from a loving and caring mother and grand mother.

GENEROSITY….we are nine children, we had more house help than the family members, had relatives staying in our home in New Manila, plus our school friends for their weekend visits from breakfast to dinner. Mama accepted them as an extension of her family.

Now in my senior years, I have learned to apply what I have learned and experienced from Mama.

Patience of explaining to our employees and workers the family vision and core values over and over again in our regular meetings.

Thoughtfulness of bringing pasalubong to my children and grand children.

Generosity of having people live in our home as a way of sharing our blessings.

I love you Ma and kiss Papa, Floy, Ernie and Peachy for me. Regards to Jesus and the rest of our relatives and ” barkada” in heaven.


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