This Christmas season we should not only be enjoying a few rounds of golf with friends, but more importantly, I suggest that we spend even more time with our family and children than we do with our golf mates. It is a fact of life that a happy home makes for a better golf game … just ask those golfers who angrily attack the ball and slam their clubs around — usually they had a bad day at home, or maybe at the office! (Of course, it is better to exhaust your anger and irritability on the golf ball than on your wife and children.)

So my Christmas wish for you golfers (and other game players, too) — that you resolve to spend as much, double or triple the time with your family and children, playing and having fun with them, as you do on the greens …

Wishing you a Happy Christmas time with your loved ones, sharing the joy of the Christ Child with them. And as you start listing down your New Year’s Resolutions, be sure to headline the list “THE BEST GAME PLAN IS A HAPPY HOME”.

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