by BCBP Editor

BY Francis Mapile, BCBP Manila, on the occasion of the installation of new chapter head of BCBP Pasay City.

Good afternoon Bros and Sisters!

When Brother CID txtd me requesting me to deliver the closing remarks for today, I was a bit hesitant. I am expected to be in Bicol, Naga for a Regional Conference today for a talk on Electrical Safety. My talk on Electrical Safety is meant to save lives and properties.

However, as I pondered and discerned about it, I realize that I rather be with Businessmen and Professionals who are not only saving lives and properties, but saving souls as well!

That is why I am here before you my fellow ” soul saver’s” . I have considered my role today more important than my role in Bicol.

I am really so honored and flattered to have been asked to speak on this wonderful occasion. I congratulate each of you, especially the new Chapter Head and his governance Team – the BCBP Pasay Chapter’s new servant leaders.

Celebration like this is a wonderful way of recognizing our new set of leaders. Celebration like this is also a great way of acknowledging the efforts of our previous chapter leaders who have brought the chapter to this important point in its life. But most of all, Celebration like this is a way of recognizing the choice of the new Chapter Head as our shepherd of the BCBP Pasay Chapter. This celebration is also a recognition of both all the achievements and all the sacrifices you have all made to make your chapter a living vibrant BCBP chapter.

However, today is only the beginning of another challenge to all of us as servant leaders and BCBP members. When all of the celebration is done, and once again all of us are rested, we look back and remind ourselves:


Yes Bros and Sis, that is the challenge we are faced with daily as BCBP community. A challenge that at the end of the day will fulfill our lives!

BRINGING CHRIST TO THE MARKETPLACE – this the core of a fulfilled and fulfilling life!

I know some us ( just like me) think that this a a very big task. But please remember, Bros and Sis, “God will not give you anything you can’t handle.” … as long as He is with you.

Likewise, the task is not exclusive to the leaders. Each and every one of you plays a very important role in fulfilling the BCBP mission. And together as one family, the BCBP, we can do great things.

Yes Bros and Sis, let us all be one and give ourselves fully to God for He will use all of us to accomplish great things and in this way, we can fulfill the task of Bringing Christ to the Marketplace.

As we come into the end of our celebration today, let us all bring with us in our heart God’s love and the challenge to “Go Forth to make disciples of men in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord”!

Congratulations to all of you and God bless us all!

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