by BCBP Editor

by Bong Pelaez, BOT Chairman

I would like to share with you my message to BCBP San Jose, Mindoro Chapter, on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary Celebration, June 30, 2012.
Theme: “Well done, good and faithful servant” – Matt.25:23

As I reflect on your Chapter’s 10th Anniversary theme “Well done, good and faithful servant”, my mind wanders back to the 4 quarters of my life – from birth to my present age of 62.

The first quarter (day old to 20 years old): I consider this as the formative years for the IQ (intelligence quotient) and the EQ (emotional quotient). IQ – Education and study habits are of primary importance that will determine one’s future in the remaining 3 quarters. EQ – Emotion and Discipline: I need the personal discipline of avoiding self-distractions (drugs, gambling, alcoholism…) that can lead to my self-destruction.

The second quarter (21 to 40 years old) is having a family and providing their basic needs. In this quarter, we have to give up the “I, me and myself” and replace it with WE. Here we learn to balance our work, family, and community.

The third quarter (41 to 60 years old) is the establishment of the SQ (Spiritual Quotient), increasing my personal relationship with the Lord. SQ is also applied in our Christian family, and in practicing a BCBP work environment.

This quarter changed my view of life and allowed me to adopt the BCBPs 4Cs – Conversion as a disciple of Christ, Commitment to the teaching of Christ, Commissioning in spreading and sharing the Word, and living the BCBP Community Way of Life as well as reaching out to others and doing charity work.

The fourth quarter (61 to 80 years old) – “give until it no longer hurts”. This quarter is all about the self-realization that I should “live simply so others can simply live” and share the savings and learnings I have received in the first three quarters of my life (scholarship assistance, create jobs and livelihood opportunities…).

Living the BCBP Way of Life has made all these quarters possible.

My FINAL QUARTER will be on the Judgment day…. as I submit myself, I pray and am confident that my Master will say “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

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