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We share with you a Recollection given by Fr. Myson Camay, OAD, to BCBP Mactan during the Lenten Season, 2012. Since it has to do with having a heart for God, knowing who we are, our identity in the eyes of God, this recollection guideline is appropriate any time of the year, for individuals and for groups.

Mactan Chapter Holds Annual Lenten Recollection
Reprinted from the May 2012 Mactan Newsletter “Taytayan”

“The Gifts that You Receive Give as Gift” was the topic expounded during the annual Lenten Recollection held at Tabor Hills, Talamban, Cebu City on April 1 – Palm Sunday. Over one hundred members came to listen to Fr. Myson Camay, OAD. Fr. Myson deeply touched the members with his teaching. Part of the Recollection was the time allotted for confession. Four priests heard simultaneous confession allowing all the participants to avail of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The recollection ended with a Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Myson.

The way of the Cross followed shortly as everybody gathered to remember Jesus’ journey to Mt. Calvary. The solemn Way of the Cross was a long and hilly climb from one station to the other but it was little a sacrifice compared to what Jesus did for His people.

With hearts more attuned to the holiness of the week, the members went home after the dinner fellowship which ended the Lenten activity.

The Gifts that You Have Received Give as Gift

Fr. Myson Camay, OAD, started by giving the topic for reflection. He said the greatest gift that we received is God. But there is no point in starting with God if we have not entered into our heart. So he further said,”Return to your heart.” For the heart is the place where we meet God. It is the core of our being.

Return to the heart

– to know one self, to search inwardly for our purpose, our worth and our

– to know our meaning, our value and our end. It takes humility to know
one’s heart.

– Boredom is a means by which God is calling us for a deeper searching of
our hearts, a deeper knowing of our identity.

Our identity.

– We are children of the Father

– We are members of Christ’s body

– We are temple of the Holy Spirit

Gift – something to be freely given. It is not to be owned.

– The gift reflects the giver.

– If God has given Himself to us, then we should be a gift to others.

– If God showed us His humility, His love, His generosity, it is innate for us to love, to be humble, to be generous.

By our self alone, we cannot sustain. We need to be constantly connected to the Giver—to be in communion with the Giver. Without union there is no communion. Thus the necessity of prayer. Our life should be a constant prayer.

Fr. Myson Camay OAD

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