We share with you three stories of first-hand miracles experienced by people during the recent Typhoon Sendong. These sharings emphasize that God is ever present in our lives to save us for His glory.


This is the story of Adonis, a real “aquaman”, as told by Bro. Bong F. Pelaez:

Adonis works for our on-going commercial building in Carmen, CdO. He is one of the regular construction helpers. I would notice him easily because of his frail body and age. [He’s the small guy in the picture, next to Bro Bong.] Yesterday morning, a Monday, was different. The foreman and the workers shared with me their ordeal in the infamous “Sendong”. The foreman mentioned that one worker by the name of Adonis was picked up somewhere in the deep sea of Balingasag, Misamis Oriental.

This morning, 8AM, Adonis gave us a visit and shared his experience. His house in Barangay Calacala, CdO was washed out. Before he knew it, he was floating in the rush of flood water. He held on to a log for his dear life from 10PM of Friday and was rescued 1PM of Saturday or a total of 14hours. According to him, the sea was rough. He narrated that two relatives died and one is still missing.

I attribute Adonis’ survival to God’s mercy and control of Adonis’ destiny. I also believe that our daily morning prayer headed by our pastor/foreman before the day’s construction work starts accounted for the 100% survival of our construction crew, my household, and my family.

God is Good and All the Time. – Bro Bong F. Pelaez, BCBP CDO, Chairman BOT



Our BCBP sister Ma Pilar A. Benitez, BCBP Makati, employed at Holcim Philippines, relates this story:

Let me just share with you a heartwarming story of faith and trust in our Father. As you know, Holcim has a cement plant in Iligan, thus quite a number of our employees were affected by typhoon Sendong. Most of them lost their homes & property, while others lost relatives and friends. Now that the holidays are over and our Manila-based Iligan residents have reported back to work, they all have their stories to tell, and here is one of them:

At the height of typhoon Sendong, several residents found themselves jumping from one roof to another frantically trying to save themselves. A group of about 60 congregated on top of a large house and they settled there for the night. Most of them were BCBP members while quite a number were from Couples for Christ and a Muslim family. The rain kept pouring hard, it was pitch black and all you could hear were desperate cries for help. Below them, these 60+ people could see that most of the houses were under water and those that remained were either washed away by the flood or were destroyed by the hundreds of logs that came crashing down with the muddy water.

In the midst of this chaos, our brothers and sisters came together and started praise & worship. Their prayers and their songs could be heard above the din and the noise of houses being smashed against each other. The Muslim family did not join in prayer but kept crying out in desperation. One of our brothers approached them and invited them to pray – and they did. Across the street, there were several people also on top of roofs who could hear our brothers & sisters in prayer.

The next day, these same people across the street told our brothers & sisters that their house was spared because they could see that there were several men in front of the house that kept pushing away the logs that came crashing down. Who were these men? And could ordinary men have the strength to push away these huge pieces of tree trunks? They didn’t think so.

It seems that their angels were working overtime that night! The power of prayer. The majesty of our God. God is truly a faithful God!

Let us continue to include in our prayers all our brothers & sisters in Cagayan, Iligan and in Compostela Valley.

And, last but not the least, is the mini sharing of Bro Bong F. Pelaez’ son, Edward AKA as Bebo, a member of BCBP CDO EAST.


Good Morning. Today, I give the honor and glory to our loving and merciful God for saving me and my family – my wife Rhea, my children – Ethan (11 years old), Enzo (6 years old), and Lizzie (4 years old), two house helps, and two dogs during the recent devastating Typhoon Sendong.

This year 2011, God saved me twice: January 1 early morning, I had a serious vehicular accident. My Toyota Hi-lux pick-up was declared completely damaged but I suffered only a minor head discomfort.

December 16, 10PM, my wife Rhea woke me up. She wanted us to move out of our house in Royal Palm located in Tibasak, Macasandig, and stay at my parents’ house in Carmen. I told her that we were safe – so I thought.

At 12 mid-night, the subdivision guard knocked hard on our window and warned us that flood water was entering the subdivision. I got up and checked the water outside. The water was knee high. I hurriedly instructed my family to get in the Ford Ranger pick-up. My first decision was to drive out and head for Carmen. If I had done that, my family and I would have died. I would not be here in front of you.

Instead, I told all of them to go to the back of the pick-up. I placed the pick-up near the roof. I then got up on the roof of the pick-up and started throwing my family, 2 house helps, and 2 dogs up onto the roof of our single story house. I jumped and held on to the roof. At that instance, the Ford Ranger was swept away by the rushing flood water. The adrenalin rush allowed me to go up onto the roof. I only suffered minor bruises. I even was able to carry my cell phone and call Mama Beng and Papa Bong.

On the roof of our house, the water reached the roof gutter level. My family and I witnessed the flood water rushing down the street. Adults and children were crying for help as they were being carried away by the ravaged water. My family and I never prayed as hard as we did then for God to save us. We prayed the rosary…and many other prayers! We prayed and prayed and prayed.

The experience allowed us to bond together. We embraced each other to keep our bodies warm. My size comforted Enzo and Lizzie. Sometime being big has its advantage. We remained on the roof until daylight.

Typhoon Sendong damaged our appliances, submerged our personal items, and two vehicles. As for me, what matters most is that we are all alive and well.

I thank and glorify God for the gift of life. I thank God for those who prayed for us flood victims at that moment when we were near death.

Two lessons we learned in this experience:
First lesson – God never sleeps. He is always faithful in answering our call for His mercy. So pray…pray…pray. Know that God listens. And expect Him to answer.
Second lesson – listen to your wife’s intuition. If she says we move out to higher ground, just do it. Do not argue.

God is good and all the time – even in the middle of the storm!

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Aida Gonzaga January 24, 2012 - 6:34 pm

Thanks for sharing! We ached for those who suffered and still suffering. Thank you Lord for sending your angels to minister to us when we call for help!

Joff Almoro January 19, 2012 - 6:14 pm

Thanks for posting these stories. These sharings reinforce our faith and trust in the Lord our God. Glory & praise be unto you o Lord God Almighty!


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