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The Tests We Take
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There are tests that come unexpected in life, and in many ways those are the tests that determine the quality of our lives and their substance.

There will be tests of courage and patience and loyalty, tests that measure the kindness in our hearts, and the strength of our characters, and the depth of our emotions.

This is a story about 4 college students who decided to take a weekend road trip, planning (well, maybe not) to return to campus for an exam they had Monday morning.

About an hour or so before the exam was about to begin that Monday, the Professor received a phone call from one of the students, explaining that on their way back to town they had run into a bit of trouble – they had a flat tire – and they were waiting for AAA, and were not going to make it back to campus in time to take the test.

The professor said, “oh, no problem, I understand – you’ll come in tomorrow morning – Tuesday morning – and take the test then.”

Well, Tuesday morning arrived, the students promptly showed up at the proper room, and they found that the teacher had already set up the room in strange fashion – there were only 4 desks in the room – one for each of the students – and each desk was placed in one of the room’s corners.

On top of each desk was a blue book, and one single sheet of paper face down. The students sat at the desks, the teacher watched the clock, and precisely at 9 he said “you may turn over your papers and begin.”

As the students turned the papers over, they each gasped audibly – there was only one question on the exam, and it was this: which tire was flat?

Some of our tests are anticipated and planned for, others unexpected and unsought. They reflect what we’ve learned during our lifetime and who we’ve become.

Some of the tests will be personal, some professional. Some will have to do with family, others with faith.

Will we be ready?

Contributed by Dette Joven, BCBP Calamba, in Verbum.

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