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By Nancy R. Catan, BCBP Manila
cross he is risen
Our two sons, Mars and Moses, were blessed many years ago to go on a pilgrimage tour of the Holy Land. Near the end of their stay (they were hosted by a Filipino family in Jerusalem for one week after the tour group had left) they were able to visit the tomb of Jesus and hear Holy Mass inside the tomb. Two priests, Mars and Moses and their host were squeezed inside the small cave carved out of solid rock. Said Moses, “Despite the lit candles, the ancient paintings, and other sacred artifacts adorning the cave, one dominant observation captivated me … the tomb is empty!”

No body, no bones. The boulder rolled back by an angel. The tomb is empty. Alleluia!

I can just imagine what wonder I would feel, standing there in the empty tomb. This is Easter come alive. This is truly resurrection power in action. Even after 2000 years have passed, this wonderment would remain, and awe at the holiness and greatness of God.

Isn’t this what Lent and Easter are all about? We are asked to roll away the boulders in our lives, the things that obstruct our view of God, the things that bury us, weigh us down and hinder us from loving Him. We are encouraged to let our guardian angels release the burial cloths that bind us and the chains that restrict our freedom and manacle us to wrongdoing and sin.

We are asked to experience our own personal resurrection, to let the Divine Light chase the darkness out of every experience of emptiness, sickness, disappointment, discouragement, weakness, failure, defeat and “death” through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are asked to come into a new life, renewed in the Light of Christ, empowered by His Spirit, to become Easter persons.

The tomb is empty. And I remember Jesus told us that in order to become full, we must first empty ourselves. Jesus did just that, He emptied Himself for us. And rose out of the tomb victorious. Alleluia!

The tomb is empty. Our son Moses experienced an epiphany, a manifestation of the power of God, at the Messiah’s tomb that day long ago. “Everyday Epiphanies”, the title of this column, simply brings to our attention that God reveals Himself to us every day in many, varied ways. So, just as Jesus emptied himself for me, I pray that I, too, may be able to empty myself and be aware of God’s light and His Presence throughout the day in all that I do. For I know that with His Light and His Presence I can rise from out of my dark Fridays to share the glory of His Easter victory. May this prayer be yours, too.

A most blessed and joyous Easter to you all! Alleluia!

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