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Scripture Reading: James 3:13-18wisdom


This scripture reading from James tells us that there are two kinds of wisdom: one draws us upward because it comes from above, and the other is human wisdom which makes us earthbound. They are very different from each other.

Wisdom from above is peaceable, lenient, docile, rich in sympathy, kindly deeds, impartial, sincere and all the things that attract and ennoble us. This kind of wisdom leads us easily into prayer and a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

Wisdom that is earthbound gets worse and worse — jealousy, selfish ambition, arrogant claims against the truth, a kind of animal – even devilish – cunning, all kinds of vile behavior. Earthbound wisdom distracts us from prayer and Jesus; it puts in us a disturbed and disturbing spirit, that brings disharmony into our life, and into the life of others around us.

We need a profound communion with God to be able to face challenging situations and difficult obstacles. We need to renew and deepen our communion with the Lord and turn to him who is the heavenly wisdom made flesh so we can bear good fruit.

Discussion and Sharing:

1. Review a few of your decisions made during the past week (month). Which kind of wisdom exhibited itself in the decisions you made? What was the result?

2. What other bible verses do you remember about godly wisdom? Have you read the Book of Wisdom? or, Proverbs?

3. In the depths of your being, do you believe that nothing is impossible for God? Or, do you tend to rely on your own human resources and wisdom when faced with difficult and/or impossible situations?

4. In what specific ways can you help yourself and the others in your group become more intimate with God so that godly wisdom may have more influence in your lives?

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