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By Annie P. Salvador, BCBP Baguio
cant dance
Our sister Annie, formerly of BCBP Makati, shares her frustrations at not being able to dance the modern and ballroom steps. She cries out to the Lord, “Why, Lord, why can’t I dance?”
I could never do the Swing, Lord, dancing is not my forte.
It seems I have two left – or right? – feet, they simply don’t match.
From the time when I was teenaged, I’ve always been clumsy on the dance floor.
Now that I’m a woman of age, a matron, even (it depends upon who’s looking),
Not much has changed in that department, except my unmatched feet are older.

When the ballroom dancing craze hit town, the Swing revival peaked
Along with Tango, Boogie, Salsa, Cha-cha – it’s all Greek to me.
In that midst, in full force, my adolescent awkwardness rushed back.
One, two, step-back-step… Ay, me, it sounds so simple!
One, two, step-back-step… Watching others do it – it even looks so simple!

But You and I know, Oh Lord, I just can’t do it! I falter, I stumble, I fail.
Helpful friends, skillful partners, hopeful lessons, no, no, No!
Dancer I am not, never was, never will be, except in my dreams.
When you gave away dancing shoes, Creator of mine, one look at me and
Your assisting angel said, “No, no, not she. Pass her up, Lord, next one, please!”

So I stand by the sides when the dancing begins, just watching,
Smiling, yes, for it looks like everyone’s having a great time with it.
And smiling, yes, for it is a joy to watch them in all their grace and agility.
Yet smiling, Lord, quite hungrily, for I’d like to be there too, I do!
But I could never do the Swing, Lord, dancing is not my forte.
dancing cartoon
Yet I so want to dance! I so want to praise You with my body!
I want to flex, enjoying the muscles and the limbs You gave me.
I want to move, celebrating the life that throbs within me.
I want to sway, thrilling to the music that You allow me to hear.
I want to twirl, stretching my arms as if to reach out to You.

But I could never do the Swing, Lord, dancing is not my forte.
So let me close my eyes a moment, Lord, and stay my restless mind.
Let me breathe deep and slow, and calm my quickened thoughts.
Let me remember that I always stand before you, still or not.
Let me try, with my mind’s eye, with my heart and soul, to see You.

Now, through the haze, I do. You are here, right before me, Lord.
And slowly, as befits a reverie, I extend my hand towards You,
And slowly, through tender strains, I dare a gentle, gentle whisper:
“Dance with me, Lord. I could never do the Swing,
Dancing is not my forte, but dance with me, Lord.”

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