Virtual Worship and Assembly: A Reflection

by BCBP Cebu Northeast

Virtual Worship and Assembly: A Reflection

By Sister Hyzele Damalerio /CLP 3 BCBP Cebu Northeast

We woke up one morning and we are greeted with 2 Cor 5:17 Old things have passed away, Behold new things have come.
This pandemic has changed the way people live around the world which seems to be a spritual battle between good and bad.
Where do you want to belong?

Since I joined BCBP, I learned to open my heart to God and it totally changed the way I personally live. I also woke up one morning before and greeted with 2 Cor 5:17. From an anxious life to a life with God’s grace. Due to this lockdown, there are challenges in our community activities but God provided creative ways to get connected, like our first Friday virtual assembly.

I would like to share my insights and notes from the virtual assembly as a reminder of God’s wonderful miracles among His people.


The song “This is the Air I Breathe” says God’s Holy Presence is living in each one of us and becomes the “healing air” that we breathe wherever we are, the cleanest and purest air without COVID threat.

Words spoken to us from our Lord through our brothers and sisters were:

I command you: be strong and steadfast! Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9)

The Lord will fight for you; you have only to keep still (Exodus 14:14)

“This is the time that I am most with you” says the Lord

“You are going through a long, rough and tough interior journey of your hearts where you will find Me” says the Lord

Worship to our Lord and listening to His words are our tools to destroy Fear.


In the community, healing comes when we are touched by the words from our brothers and sisters who personally experience God’s presence amidst trials. I have “collected” healing words from our brothers and sisters, which I find as God’s message through the virtual assembly.

The Lord is bigger than this pandemic. “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your request known to God.Then the peace of God that surpases all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:6-7). Putting it into practice is “Faith in Action”. Through virtual activities such as Action Group Meetings, a simple “Virtual Pray Over” can take away our fears, confirming that the Lord is working in us.

Every problem is a blessing in disguise. Lockdown gives us more time with the family and deeper relationship with the Lord. This is the best time to pursue “Holiness”, being given more time to reflect and enough time to pray. This is also the best time to “Repent” for our sins. Pains can be offered to the “Souls in Purgatory” and by the precious blood of Jesus our pains will be healed.

Pandemic is bringing us changes but God’s love for us is constant. Give thanks with a grateful heart in every situation; we cannot detach from our God…

Staying connected with Him always and looking forward to our next Virtual Assembly.

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