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By Bro. Boy Villanueva, RCD Cebu

In one of the editorial column of Sis. Nancy Catan on our Kapatiran, she says, and I quote, “in every familyand community, there is always the pull and tug of relationships… But the bottomline is that we remain “community”. As out BCBP song goes, “We are one family, the BCBP!”

In my 21 years with the BCBP, I am a witness of many BCBP members who left the community because of misunderstandings, disagreements or arguments, or just plainly “panglu-od.” This would not have happen if all of us are open and responsive to each other’s feelings.

Yes, there are events in life that affect our daily dealings with our families, friends and in our community. We fail to respond positively to situations if we fail to understand the feelings of other people. We are engrossed in having our way in everything that we do, that we fail to understand other people’s sentiments and opinions, especially with our brothers and sisters in the community. We always think of ourselves as superior to others and even justify our actions by taking into account our prayer time.

Communication in everything that we do is very important, even more if we are in a community. It is the reason why we have the one-on-ones. The only problem is that not all of us are doing the one-on-one because we think that it is not important in every relationship. Mending relationships in the family, and even more importantly, in a community always depends on loving communication. Even if we think that we are not at fault, it is always better for us to make the first effort to reconcile and mend strained relationships.

downloadI know it’s easier said than done, But if we will be able to lift our thoughts away from our hurts and misunderstandings with one another, it will lighten our burdens and will give us the peace that we really want.

Yes, Iam also guilty for having this kind of attitude; and it’s the reason why in my daily prayers I have talked to the Lord to give me the right attitude of humility and better understanding on every situation that comes in life, more so in my service to the community.

Today, as we start a New Year, I ask that the Lord will give me and the leaders and members of our community, an extra mile in patience, understanding, and humility in our dealings with one another. So that we can enjoy the workings of being members in the community and that, we can truly say “WE ARE ONE FAMILY, THE BCBP.”

Happy New Year and Pit SeƱor!


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