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By Eduardo “Bong” Pelaez, BCBP CDO


President Noynoy Aquino’s SONA was non traditional…. MANLY, candid, straight to the point and “pang masa”.

He praised his cabinets:
Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Rogie Singson initiated reforms in the bidding system and savings (Php 16 Billion) for the department budget.
Department of Tourism (DOT) under Secretary Jimenez realized an inflow of more foreign tourists (4.1 Million) compared to the 2 Million of the previous year.
Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Alberto del Rosario received accolades for his boldness in physically helping our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the Middle East conflict. He was firm and was not intimidated in dealing with China’s total claim of the South China sea.

They took the job not for fame and prestige but rather because of their love for our country.

MY OBSERVATIONS and IMPRESSIONS on the qualities of these three gentlemen:
They are not publicity seekers.
They do not brag of their accomplishments and what they are doing.
They are heeding the call to serve the country and CHANGE THE FACE OF THE GOVERNMENT.

SIMPLICITY AND HUMILITY are Christ’s virtues that I see in them.
bong driver
My SONA (July 24,2013)

July 24, Eugene Escabosa turns 60 years old. He has served our family for 42 years as a house help and as my family driver including for my siblings and their children whenever they are in Cagayan de Oro.

Beng and I with our children and grandchildren plus the household gave him and his family a dinner with honoring as the highlight of the celebration. It was our way of saying THANK YOU and we appreciate his dedication and loyalty in serving our family. We have accepted Eugene and his family as an extended member of our family.

Retiring at 60 is an option for him. A few months ago, Eugene asked my permission to avail of early retirement at 60. His main reason was that the Social Security System (SSS) lump sum would enable him to build their dream house…..

Conflict with SSS Retirement Policy ………. BUT at the same time he needs to continue driving since the SSS pension can not pay for their two children’s education (4th year HS and 1st year college). The SSS Retirement Policy for early retirement at 60 years is specific that you are no longer employed. Misrepresentation can result to forfeiture of the SSS retirement benefits and defrauding the government.

Practicing BCBP honesty in my workplace: I assured him that we can build his modest home of 40 square meters before the end of this year. How? We will advance his retirement pay for the construction cost AND he can continue to drive for us up to the compulsory retirement age of 65.

BCBP has taught me to be sensitive to the needs of our employees.
BCBP has taught me to listen, listen, and listen!
BCBP has taught me to pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance.

What is your SONA?

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