by BCBP Editor

lighthouse smRead the following scripture passages:

Matthew 5:14-16
Mark 4:21
Luke 8:16; 11:33-36
Psalm 119:105

From the following descriptions of the word “lamp”, we can immediately surmise, even recognize, our spiritual equivalent or level:

Headlight: at its brightest gives one-directed brightness for either short or distant trips and is turned off upon reaching the driver’s destination, or automatically is shut off during the day.
Floodlight: spreads its glare up to a specific point or focus. One example of this is at race tracks with car racers during rallies and especially during nighttime racing – notwithstanding the measured time and distance, and pit stops.
Spotlight: is functional, creative, dramatic, giving good value and advantage for a show, the center stage, to enhance its main attraction or celebrity.
Blinkers: are indicators announcing that a VIP passenger is in the car. Blinkers are also used as an alert sign for emergency or that someone is about to make a turn or change lanes.
Sunlamp: serves as therapeutic aid specifically for bone/muscle treatments. Can also be used as substitute apparatus for suntanning.
Desk Lamp: is a permanent fixture, useful for reading or writing, and most of the time, it is a decorative part of the home or office usually in harmony with the motif where it is situated.
Chandelier: forever classy and showy. It is switched on for selected and special occasions … be it at home or in halls of prominence.
Torch: the trailblazer, with intensified blaze ensuring the pathfinder’s exact course to follow and to arrive at the appointed place.
Beacon: a lighthouse or watchtower light signaling and guiding oceangoing vessels for safe navigation especially during bad or stormy weather and on dark nights, thereby, serving as a lifeguard or lifesaver of seafarers in the deep waters.

light be aWhat kind of lightbringers or lightbearers should we be? After reading the different descriptions and discerning our spiritual equivalent, we ask ourselves about our seriousness and faithfulness to the mission. It is still up to us to determine the dimness or brightness and the measurement of light we want to extend to others – and this depends on the degree of how we relate to God.

What kind of lightbringer or lightbearer are you?
How bright, or how dim, is your light? Why is it like that? How can you make it even brighter?
Are others able to find their way (to God) through the light of your presence in their lives?

Source: Adapted from Tatang Louie Morales reflection in PRAYERTIME, a BCBP publication, pg 119.

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