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life lessons
Life is a school. It has taught us many lessons. Some of these lessons are imbibed in our mind, while some are just forgotten with the passing of time. However, life would teach us again and again if we dont remember or put in our mind what it has taught us. These experiences would keep on coming back.

I have learned many lessons in life. In a clear perspective, these are the lessons that life has taught me:

* Life is a constant change. There is no permanency in the web of life no matter what status we are in. Life is a wheel. It goes up and down. Nothing last forever. In relationships, it’s not always rosy; hence, one has to work for it to obtain harmony and peace.

* Don’t expect people to be grateful all the time.There are moments in my life wherein I have misgivings on people whom I have helped along the way. There are a few who remembered my kindness; there are some who seemed not to mind at all. When I felt bad on this light, I always remember what a priest had said.

* Why do you expect people to be grateful to you? When Jesus cured ten lepers only one returned and gave thanks to Him. Why do you expect to receive more? I realized that in order to be happy in giving it’s good for our inner being to just be happy for the joy of giving.

* There’s no permanent friendship. There are a few who last while some can just become a part of your memory. What is important is that once upon a time they’ve become a part of your life.

*Life is composed of many chapters. Whatever chapter you are in now, embrace it. What is important is the journey, not the destination.

In the same vein, an unknown writer in “the realities of life website” also shares his thoughts.

* Regrets and laying blames won’t make your past disappear. Unfortunate incident happens; but that’s life. Most people can’t let go of their past and feel somehow that they’re obligated to dwell on regrets and to continuously blame people for the errors in their lives. Get over it for what happened has happened. Move forward.

* Overnight success happens after several failures. Remember: “Nobody succeeds overnight. So relax and realize that major successes come after several failures”

* Don’t buy anything expect the ones you can afford. If you need something make a budget.Stick to it and save towards the goal you have.

* Nobody really cares whether you fall or succeed. The world is a jungle, and most jungle, and most people are looking out for themselves. People have their own problem. They don’t have time for you.

* Look at the bright side of life. No matter what happens look at the sunny side of life. Things could have been worst. Just be thankful.

* Complaining won;t make your problems go away. Complaining does nothing. Yet people do it all the time. Instead of complaining do something about the problem.

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