The BCBP Action Group is the smallest organization in the BCBP composed of 5-7 couples for married people and 5-7 individuals for singles. It is headed by an Action Group Leader. The Action Group (AG) is an environment established where members are supported in a mature Christian Life, oriented towards witnessing and evangelization in the business milieu.

The AG is an important means of support, formation and growth for all members. It is a venue where members are helped to place their life and service on the foundation of God’s Word and where God’s work in each member’s life can be shared with others. AG members support and encourage each other by being prayer partners and intercessors.

Action Groups are one of the vital strengths of the BCBP. Why? In addition to the foregoing, here are ten more reasons. You may want to discuss them during your action group meeting, in one of your chapter assemblies or unit meetings to find out and evaluate how your action group measures up to these qualities.

Strong action groups result in strong units, resulting in strong chapters, forming the foundation for a strong, dynamic BCBP.

1. Action groups (AGs) teach us how to pray. We learn from each other’s experiences in prayer even as we grow in prayer together. Matthew 18:19-20. Matthew 7:7-8.

2. Scripture reading and immersion in God’s Word give the members a firm anchor on which to build their Christian life. Experiential sharings on selected Bible verses help guide members in making moral decisions on the Way of Holiness that they tread along their journey of life. Reflect on 2 Timothy 3:16.

3. Strong fellowship bonds are developed in AGs. As in Ephesians 4:16, participation in AGs brings about not only our own growth but also that of the Brotherhood as a whole. We are built up in love as we regularly meet together and share our lives with each other.

4. Powerful blessings come to the group when everyone contributes their presence, their love, prayers, and sharings. And these blessings build us up. See 1 Corinthians 14:26.

5. Meeting in small groups on a regular basis encourages discipleship and is the initial step in answering the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples of all men. To be able to reach out to others, we must first be able to make disciples of ourselves and our action group members.

6. In the action group meetings we receive encouragement even as we encourage each other to live out our lives as Christians, to be faithful to Him and to our BCBP commitment. We are able to rouse one another to love and good works. See Hebrews 10:24-25.

7. Action groups raise up leaders. The meetings provide practical, hands-on training for service and Christian leadership. Read 2 Timothy 2:2.

8. Action group meetings serve as a forum to encourage evangelism. We can learn from each other about how to evangelize our families, our neighbors, and our respective marketplaces. By our mini-sharings in AG meetings, we are practicing for sharing in the breakfasts and assemblies. With the support of our brothers and sisters in our action group, we can become more confident in fulfilling Jesus’ command in Mark 16:15-16. We can also share in His promise in Mark 16:20.

9. Through the action group and the other BCBP activities we become active participants rather than just spectators in the great Christian renewal taking place in the Church today.

10. Action group meetings are held in the homes of its members, on a rotating basis. Thus, each home and family receives blessings through the prayers of the group; the children become acquainted with what their parents are doing in the BCBP so that they will be interested in joining the chapter’s Children and Youth activities.

The bottom line is this: Strong action groups result in strong units, resulting in strong chapters, forming the foundation for a strong, dynamic BCBP.

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