“I have chosen David, my servant; with my holy oil I have anointed him. My hand will be with him; my arm will make him strong.
My loyalty and love will be with him; through my name his horn will be exalted. He shall cry to me, ‘You are my father, my God, the Rock that brings me victory!’
Ps. 89:2-3

At the BCBP’s 30th NAC Celebrations in Davao last April 24, 2010 there was a unique addition to the proceedings after the Grand Breakfast. The BCBP leaders decided to add the Breakout Sessions with the theme as ‘Work as Worship” with several other subtopics with time for reactions and Q & A (for the men). They were (along with the speakers’ names):

a. Basic Personal Preparation of the Businessmen and Professionals – Jourdan Polotan
b. Making Our Businesses and Professions Reflect God’s Glory – Bobby Lavina
c. Social Entrepreneurship – Bobby Atendido

It was a very fruitful session filled with wisdom, hope for the future and endless possibilities for personal growth and BCBP community-wide development.

But what really impressed on me was that the whole morning taken all together, even including the 3 sharings at the Grand Breakfast was woven together as no one except the Lord could have ever predicted or intended.

With the BCBP’s Vision framing it all (Winning the Marketplace for Christ) I believe we uncovered a direction towards a plan for conquering the marketplace for Christ. Very telling was Bro. Jourdan’s talk on the Basics of a Christian Businessman. He was quite adamant on nurturing a deep, intimate personal relationship with Jesus through daily prayer and journaling. All important discernment and decision-making in family life, business and faith matters rested on this pillar called prayer. Intimate dialogue with God could only result in the good if we persist in the disciplines surrounding our relationship with our Savior.

Gears even shifted further as Bro. Bobby Lavina discussed “Making Our Businesses and Professions Reflect God’s Glory”. This even highlighted the need for a personal conversion to Christ at such a high level that would impact one’s development of unshakeable Christian character needed in today’s business milieu.

Not too far behind was Bro. Bobby Atendido’s talk on Social Entrepreneurship. My take on this was that this was a continuation of an illustration of businessmen whose personal conversion to Christ impacted not only their personal lives or their business but the very marketplace as well.

All of this is too relevant to pass up. Our nation is in trouble and in need of a major overhaul as soon as yesterday. The oppression of poverty seeks to sow much frustration and hopelessness. Even European countries like Greece are getting swallowed up by similar concerns. The feverish electoral campaign for the 2010 Elections has brought to mind the kind of people we desire ourselves to bring about an impact of change not only to the marketplace but to the very fabric of our Philippine society. Archbishop Orlando Quevedo already pinpointed the problem back in 2003:

The biggest culprit and major cause of our nation’s poverty and hunger is graft and corruption which has invaded all public and private institutions. Corruption is the abuse and misuse of public or private office to unlawfully enrich oneself and those close to him, or induce others to do the same (ADB). It is not only an economic and social problem but by and large a moral issue and a moral problem… Corruption is a social and moral cancer!… ”In the strongest terms we condemn graft and corruption as an offense against society and sin against God. God will certainly hold the perpetrators accountable .” Let Integrity Flow Like a Stream! (A Pastoral Statement of the CBCP), 7 July 2003, (Sgd.)+ Orlando B. Quevedo, O.M.I, D.D., Archbishop of Cotabato and President-CBCP

Simply said, the challenge has defined the person needed to meet the problem of corruption head on. In the process of selecting candidates for the presidency, I came across some candidates who professed to stop corruption based on their credentials of unstained hands. Will honesty be enough? The question seems to hound me day after day as I press myself for a decision.

The answer for me still lies at the top of this article where the Lord expresses his loyalty and affection for David, the anointed King of Israel. This reveals a person whose heart is for God and for pleasing him. A person fully converted and in intimate relationship with the Creator and Father, integrating that love into every aspect of his life.

The answer for me as to conquering the marketplace for Christ’s is to have an army of such persons not only imbued with honesty but with an unshakeable Christian character ready to follow the Lord’s will for his fellowmen. We need to become an army of Christ bearing his character in every possible way also knowing that God’s love will see us through. The cost of which is dying to ourselves but attaining not only the highest position in the land but the highest position in eternal life which is to be at the Lord’s banquet table.


“Public service is an apostleship of sacrifice and service. You must give of yourself unsparingly in the service of your people, not to make something for yourself.” Emmanuel Pelaez

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