This was the headline of a Zenit news report last Feb. 18, 2011, that quoted from a study by Alexander Ross of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. Ross noted that not only was church attendance a significant factor in women’s happiness, but that church-going women were shown to be more immune to the stresses in society and the ups and downs of life than those who didn’t attend church regularly.

Ross commented that in the 36-year period of the study of American women the church-going habits of women had changed more drastically (diminishing in frequency) than men which factor, he concluded, might be due to the increasing role expectations of women. He further noted that in the vagrancies of social disruption during the period women perhaps benefited more than men from the stabilizing influence of their regular attendance at religious activities. Regular church attendance, he theorized, provides a meaning to life, an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, and a sense of well-being and satisfaction to life that can equate with happiness.

Although we BCBP ladies were not included in Ross’ study, we would have told him the same thing. Attendance in church activities and participation in our BCBP community activities in one way or another give meaning and focus in our lives. Knowing that our Lord has a special place in His heart for women gives us the courage to persevere through difficulties, in times of relationship conflicts, and through the challenges of multi-tasking our families, our marketplace activities, our BCBP service, and our church obligations. And in the midst of all these challenges, we experience peace and happiness as we become closer to our Lord. –N.R.C.

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