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By Boy Villanueva, AMD Eastern Visayas

CaptureAs a Christian is it wrong to worry and fear? God has said that we must not be anxious about anything. As in Phil 4:6 it says and I quote “Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart” end of quote.

Since the start of my service as your AMD for Eastern Visayas Area, I have so many concerns and apprehensions about my service. Can I do this service effectively for the Lord? The month of January started with the correlating various reports from the different chapters and outreaches, in the areas of Cebu, Leyte and Samar which have been requested by our BOT and MANCOM. After reading the reports and the adjustments i have to make fear and worry came into me.

Then came the test of faith. Request for evaluation and plans on how to guide the various chapters and members to be effective evangelizers will have to incorporate in our plans and on how to effectively implement so that we can follow our mission and vision. I started to rethink about my service and if the Lord really called me to be his effective servant with the new service that he has assigned to me.

Then came the activities that our national leaders are requesting for us to effectively implement and with this are my doubts if I can do it. I prayed and requested prayers from our members so that the activities that are being planned can be implemented effectively with God’s grace.

Going into a place where we do not know a single person to evangelize, a place with a different language more so culture poles apart from us is a very big challenge of my faith. Can I do it? Can we effectively evangelize these people? Does my area have the resources (manpower and finances) to do it? Again fear and worry came into me.. Then a reading from Matthew 6:33 “ Be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what He requires of you, and He will provide you with all these other things (all that we need)”, entered into my mind and somewhat eased my worries and fear.. So I prayed hard and asked the Lord, Lord we will be doing these things for your greater Honor and Glory, please be with us all the way, take away my fears and worry… make us good evangelizers for your people in a place that you wanted us to be.

Then as I was reflecting on my fears and worry, as I go into my prayer time, I remember a passage from the book Healing Presence by Maribi Mapa-Garcia, which says and I quote “Come to me, my little child, I feel your heart so filled with fear,. I am gentle and kind of heart. Rest in my gentle presence. The night may be dark and cold but in your heart the light of my love shines brightly” and I answered, Yes Lord your servant is listening…..

To God be the Glory…..

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Bel Sancover March 13, 2015 - 10:29 am

Thank you Brod AMD Boy for sharing your thoughts through your article. I had the same fears and anxieties when hubby Arnold was recently called to head the BCBP West Covina Outreach (Under the Los Angeles Chapter). My mind was full of negativities regarding the possible challenges ahead, amidst the way of life here in America. But in prayers, he filled our hearts with courage, trust and peace, assuring us that He will be with us all the way, since everything we do is for His greater honor and glory. With His assurance through the scriptures, like you, we are humbly and faithfully doing our service as we continually have a listening heart..Regards and hello to Nena and God bless! See you back in Cebu one day.


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