Greetings to all BCBP Community!  As I have seen our BCBP Website, I’m so happy to see it especially all the events and gatherings news and photos.  May I request to see more videos on our Annual BCBP Anniversary because since I joined BCBP last 2005, I haven’t had the chance to attend one of these Anniversaries.  It is through our website that I might be able to see the JOYFUL and FULL BCBP Spirit!  More power to our BCBP Website!  God bless us all!  — Sis Virgie Janoras, BCBP Rizal

We are pleased that you are finding our BCBP Community Portal interesting, and we hope that you continue to view it as a source of information and inspiration.  Be sure to check out the Gallery for more pictures and videos.  We are in the process of uploading back issues of the KAPATIRAN onto the website (KAPATIRAN/Archives).  In each year’s June issue, there are pictures and news coverage of our national anniversary for that year.  We hope and pray that we will see you in future anniversaries; truly they are an experience not to be missed!!!  –Nancy R. Catan, Portal Editor  (7-24-09)

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