by BCBP Editor

Need a great idea for a summer picnic in your garden with your action group? Ask each of your members to bring a food that in some way describes their personalities. Here are a few examples to stimulate your creativity:

vanilla ice cream – sweet and simple
sweet and sour fish – Jekyll and Hyde
Bicol express – hot and spicy
green tossed salad – full of life
watermelon – the big smile but beware of the seeds

You may end up with an odd assortment of food, but you’ll all enjoy listening to the explanations as to why he or she brought what they did. This is a fun way of learning more about your AG members, too.

An alternative to this is to bring a food that fits their job.

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Lucy M. Balios September 10, 2012 - 2:04 pm

a very great idea! knowing your brother and sisters personality which they themselves speak through the food they eat…Hope we can try this also… I like it..


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