Zooming in on the Most High

by BCBP Editor

By Bro. Cezar Villacampa

This Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best of humanity.  It has become a perfect storm that enables us to realize that life is beautiful and precious but ephemeral.  The lockdown was an awakening as it provided us ample time to reflect on things we hold dear given the realities of our attachments to this material world.  All wealthy nations were caught off-guard and were shaken to the core as their much vaunted superior and advanced health care systems were no match to the havoc wreaked by the virus.   A new normal has emerged with people recognizing that even the collective collaboration of the brilliant minds in the medical fields, the search for an antidote is far from over.  And indeed, amidst this crisis is man’s realization that there is a God up there who takes control of everything. 

Fear of the unknown initially got into my system as I felt paranoid.  But then I recognized how blessed I am to know more of my God through BCBCP.  The community through its spiritually-enriching activities such as the breakfast meetings, action group meetings, chapter assemblies and teaching nights have become an effective support system… a way of life in my journey towards becoming a better Christian.  And just like water which seeks its own level, I also felt the “spiritual dryness” in the early weeks of the ECQ period as I sorely missed these regular BCBP activities.  The on-line masses I attended encouraged me to invest on a video conferencing tool so I could reconnect with my brothers and sisters in the community – Zoom.  I surmised that my monthly subscription would be a worthwhile investment that yields lasting return, perhaps not on the financial side, but certainly on the spiritual and social dimension of my being.

My Zoom journey has been a rewarding experience which started off with the online Stations of the Cross hosted by our Unit D.  on April 8, 2020.  The positive feedback inspired me to do even more for my Action Group and for the Intercessory Ministry, of which I am an active member.  It is true that technology has become an enabler, an effective platform in this period of lockdown,  Still, the movers and users behind our online activities were the ones who made these successful.  They gave their time unselfishly, humbly accepted the roles they were given and cooperated fully.  Kudos then to all Unit D members! 

I could not be much prouder of my Kuyas and Ates in D2 Action Group.  The on-line AGMs allows us to become more open to each other during the ECQ period.  The BCBP teachings and mission of bringing Christ to the marketplace, I believe, was the driving force that prompted us to share our blessings with those who were affected by the lockdown.  We have discerned that it is not about how much we have but what we do with it that matters most.  My special thanks to Kuya Rolando and Kuya Mars who unselfishly braved the location of the identified recipients. 

The on-line AGM also brought us closer to one of our sister working outside the country, Ate Fe, who joins every action group meeting.  Truly the world is getting flatter each day and we thank our Lord for this gift of technology.

What keeps me and my wife Vangie secure and at peace in this time of pandemic is our firm belief of the power of prayer.  The Lord has been our constant source of strength and refuge as we grappled on the day-to-day challenges of being in a lockdown.  As a zoom subscriber I volunteered to do the hosting of our regular intercessory prayer every Saturday morning and with God’s grace we just recently completed our seventh straight week from the time we started last April 25, 2020.  Praying unceasingly for the petitions and intentions of our brothers and sisters in the community is an antidote by itself as we are also soaked and immersed in the struggles, challenges and the pain they are suffering, thus, realizing that our worries and concerns far pales in comparison.  The triumph of the human spirit in situation that seems so hopeless is always God’s manifestation of his abundant mercy and love.  The challenges in the connectivity and the familiarity of the technology did not deter our seasoned prayer warriors.  Unknowingly, they have imparted to me the real values of patience and commitment in the service of the Lord.

In closing, allow me to quote Mother Teresa when she said, “God shapes the world by prayer.  The more praying there is in the world, the better the world will be and the mightier the forces will be against evil.”  Indeed to get us all back to our feet after this pandemic, we need to realize the power of getting down to our knees.  Technology is God’s gift to mankind, how we will use it is our gift to Him.  Come and go up to the mountain of the Lord and with bended knees, let’s continue zooming to the Most High! 

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